Through our company, Fallbrook Flora, we grow foliage and filler for the florist, wholesale market and freshly-harvested flowers for the public.

Our floral fillers are grown in Fallbrook, in North San Diego County California.  We harvest at the peak of their flowering season for perfection in bouquets and arrangements. Harvesting on the day of delivery, we sell direct to local florists and also to wholesale flower markets from Los Angeles to Orange County to San Diego.

For seasonal cut flowers, please visit us here. For wildflower seed, please visit us here.

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Eucalyptus Pulverulenta – “Baby Blue”

Highly fragrant, sturdy stem; great for hanging in showers and fabulous vase life in arrangements. Can be dried and preserved with glycerin and water. Available year-round. Download Eucalyptus Care Guide.

Eucalyptus Parvifolia – “Parv”

Small, soft and fragrant foliage that can be oval or elongated. Gives an alluring texture and fragrance to arrangements and can be used for wedding work, garlands, wreaths and bouquets. Reminds one of fragrant olive leaf branches, yet soft and touchable with red-ish stem. Available year-round.

Waxflower (Chamelaucium) is a flowering shrub in the myrtle family, native to Australia. Growing up to six feet in height, the flower releases a sweet scent and the flower’s petals have a waxy feel. There are many varieties of waxflower; some growers have ownership of hybrids. Some growers simply use the color to describe the plant, such as pink, white or purple, however there are over 100 different varieties of waxflower. Waxflowers bloom in winter and spring months with a massive display of aromatic blooms that bees, butterflies and other insects simply love.

Waxflower is popular as flower filler in bouquets, wedding and corsage work, and means “happiness in marriage.”

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Crystal Pearl

Crystal Pearl is the only Pearl Flower that blooms pure white and stays white throughout the entire flower season. Soft pine-like aromatic green needles on shorter stems. All Pearl flowers were bred to bloom about 2 to 3 weeks apart to be available to the florist from December through May. All Pearl flowers have a 14 -21 day vase life and are considered hybrids.

Bridal Pearl

Bridal Pearl starts out pure white and takes on a light blush tone with age. Longer woodier stems with less green needles. All Pearl flowers were bred to bloom about 2 to 3 weeks apart to be available to the florist from December through May. All Pearl flowers have a 14 -21 day vase life and are considered hybrids.

Purple Pride

Purple Pride is one of the most abundant waxflower on the market; the bloom starts out deep lavender and turns a deep purple with age on the plant.

Lady Stephanie

Lady Stephanie starts out pink early in the season and matures to a soft lavender. Available early in season (late January) through early May; later harvest will have soft green foliage; limited quantities.

My Sweet Sixteen

Playful, soft and sweet with upright branching and fine but dense, needle-like, lightly aromatic green foliage. Small spring flowers open white and ages to rosy-red. The loose, airy sprays of waxy flowers are prized by florists for long-lasting color in cut flower arrangements; available later in the season than other varietals of waxflower; limited quantities.

In late 2021, we planted several species of plants in the Proteaceae family including pincushions (Leucospermum) and conebushes (Leucadendron). Available for floral use in 2024/2025.

About Proteas

The Protea family of shrubs and trees is known for its variety and diversity of flowers and leaves. There are 1,660 known species of Protea and it is believed they are the oldest identified flowering plant – going back 300 million years. They bloomed without pollinators – like bees! Proteas are found primarily in the Southern Hemisphere (Australia, South Africa, Southern California and Hawaii). They grow in poor, phosphorus-deficient soils, often on hills and are able to flourish with scarce water and nutrients.