north San Diego County flower arrangements

Local. Seasonal. Sustainable

Treat yourself or someone special to one-of-a-kind custom small-scale, hand-grown floral arrangements.

We only sell what we grow right here on our six acres in Fallbrook, California. All of our arrangements are customized to your specifications and what we have growing. We harvest at just the right time for perfection in bouquets and arrangements.

“Slow Flowers is a response to the dramatic changes of the past 25 years. It recognizes that there is a disconnect that has disengaged humans from fragrant garden flowers and small-scale flower farming. It aspires to take back the act of flower growing and recognize it as a relevant and respected branch of agriculture.”

– Slow Flowers Manifesto


We grow seasonal flowers and fillers and your arrangement will be filled with the most fresh, in-season, locally grown flowers. We grow our flowers using sustainable methods – and they never travel by air to get to us – or to you!


We believe in repurposing and recycling rather than creating more waste on this Earth. All arrangements will be in a personally curated vintage glass or ceramic vessel that we have hand foraged in thrift and vintage shops.  This means that every arrangement will be unique and energetically connected to you and the receiver.


Your arrangement will be ethical and sustainable. We pick flowers from our gardens, using natural foliage and branches plus limited-time flowers.  We believe in the “slow-flower” movement and provide living wages to those who help us grow.


reach out, tell us more about what you are seeking and we will share what we are growing